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17 & 18 MARCH 2020



Dementia directly or indirectly affects us all. We can help. Whether you are a business, supporting organisation or a carer we have a solution that can truly make a difference.

At CogniHealth we are developing innovative solutions to transform the experience of living with dementia. Our digital tools enable personalised care, supporting both the person with dementia and their carers, improving the lives for all those affected by dementia. We are the first to bring all aspects of dementia care onto one platform, structuring a fragmented dementia care market.

Our Solution:

Our platform, CogniCare, is a healthcare app that supports family carers at home by providing them with the right information at the right time. CogniCare suggests resources, local services and events, non-pharmacological therapies and assistive products based on the care challenges faced. By providing personalised content and connecting carers to the local support system, CogniCare enables carers to provide the best care possible. This promotes the independence of the person with dementia and prevents avoidable crisis and hospitalisation. By integrating new, innovative technologies such as Alexa we ensure CogniCare is both engaging and user-friendly.

CogniCare for Local Authorities:
There seems to be a lot of synergy in what we are trying to achieve and the role local authorities play in supporting both the person affected and their carer after a diagnosis with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention by providing timely, skilled and coordinated support. We are addressing the financial, physical and emotional burden for the families and hoping to work with the local council in each region of the UK to achieve our mission of improving the quality of life of those affected by dementia countrywide.

CogniCare for enterprise corporations:

As employers you may not realise the impact dementia may be having on your employees, their work and health. Usually there is no support in place for them at work. The emotional and physical stress of caring for someone with dementia has a significant impact on the ability of carers to work. Alzheimer Research UK have found that 15% of dementia carers do not work because of caring responsibilities, and 48.4% of carers have a long-standing illness or disability. In particular women are affected by this, as 60-70% of carers of people with dementia are female, and 20% of female carers have gone from full-time to part-time employment as a result of their caring responsibility. This has an important impact on Scottish businesses, whose employees have a reduced ability to work or have to give up their jobs. In particular, there is a loss in employee diversity as mostly women are affected.

CogniCare can provide the much needed support to carers. By supporting their own well-being, connecting them to their local support network and enabling better and easier day-to-day care CogniCare can ensure that carers face reduced stress and can remain in their jobs for longer.

CogniCare for dementia care suppliers:

We are a personalised dementia care marketplace. If you provide products and services that could be beneficial to families affected by dementia, our platform may be of interest. Based on the challenges the families face, we also suggest products and services that address their specific needs. We would also interview you and share your story and mission on our platform.

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