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17 & 18 MARCH 2020



The Geberit AquaClean Mera Care shower toilet is designed to put you in control.
Its innovative features include warm water washing which means you will experience a more comfortable constant temperature wash. With an energy efficient one minute wash cycle drawing from the warmed tank of water at the same time as the continuous flow heater, you can immediately follow with another minute of wash with warm water thanks to the continuous flow heater whilst the tank refills, you`ll have the confidence to feel clean.

Warm air drying will leave you clean and fresh. Along with the remote control there is a single touchless activation control panel for ease of use. Everything is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Every person has unique requirements which is why the Geberit AquaClean Mera Care can be adjusted in many elements from the position of the spray arm to the water temperature and intensity, right through to the dryer settings. Personalised comfort can all be achieved through the remote control which will remember your own personal settings, which can also control all functionality. Geberit AquaClean is an ideal solution for most living situations.

Standard product features:

• WhirlSpray shower technology - with five adjustable shower pressure settings
• Rimless ceramic pan - with TurboFlush technology
• Automatic flushing via user detection
• Flush actuation from remote control - manual flushing can be activated by pushing the new flush button on the remote for a full flush
• Touchless wall control panel - easy to activate panel with only one sensor button to start the shower program including flush
• Barrier free mode can be switched on or off for use with shower chairs depending on the user`s needs
• Fixed seat with no lid - the toilet seat fittings are designed to withstand lateral forces giving the user complete peace of mind
• Personalised programs - specify and store your unique preferences with the intuitive and clearly laid out-remote control
• Adjustable spray arm - the position of the spray arm and the intensity of the pulsating shower spray can be personalised
• Adjustable water spray temperature - allows you to manage your preferred temperature
• Oscillating spray - the slight movement of the shower spray ensure s feeling of exceptional cleanliness
• Gentle drying - take advantage of the gentle flow of air provided by the integrated warm air dryer
• Odour extraction unit - powerful built-in odour extraction technology removes unpleasant smells
• Lady wash - Ideal for ensuring gentle personal hygiene for women.
• Adjustable height - with a height range of 440mm to 560mm the Mera Care is flexible to accommodate specific seat height requirements at installation.
• Proximity sensor - activates the water heating system, seat heating and orientation light upon approach.
• Descaling function
• Hybrid hot water system with continuous flow heater and water storage heater - the ability to have warm washes one after the other with one-minute cleaning time

Our development team have been working on the Geberit AquaClean Mera Care design for independent living for several years, utilising the Geberit Group`s experience and expertise. We are constantly evolving and enhancing every aspect of our care products.
Geberit is known worldwide for products of exceptional quality and design. That`s why we offer a three year parts and labour warranty as standard - this is our promise to you.

Tel: 01926 516800

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