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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


Ridley Electronics Limited

Ridley Electronics design and manufacture equipment for people with disabilities.

During the last 40 years we have produced equipment to enhance the lives of of our clients with disabilities using up to date technology.

Having designed a remote 13 amp switch we then considered who actually had need for that product as against it being a flash kids toy, and at that stage we found a considerable number of people who were not able to plug in or switch on an appliance at skirting board level which soon made us aware of many other problems which they also encountered, whether raising an alarm in the event of a problem or establishing who was at the door without the risk of having to get to a fixed location.

We basically make products within 3 principal areas, Access Controls, Communications and Environmental Controls, most of which are controlled by means of radio frequency transmitters; thereby enabling a person to have control up to 60 metres from the object which they wish to control.

Tel: 01722 717878

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