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17 & 18 MARCH 2020



Sensara is a smart, easy to use lifestyle monitoring system. We offer products aimed at safety and independence at all stages of aging, without using any cameras.

With our HomeCare solution, Sensara helps elderly individuals to live as long as possible safe and independent in their own home. Our lifestyle monitoring and alarm system warns carers, family and friends when help is needed, without having to press a button. Sensara keeps a friendly eye on senior individuals who live alone so their carers can still take care of them even when they are not physically present. Besides that, Sensara also attents on possible health risks, such as social isolation or dehydration. This way the small things can be caught before they become big discomforts.

Sensara also offers a ProCare solution for nursing homes. Sensara ProCare is a 24/7 passive monitoring and alarming system. The system is based on state-of-the-art 3rd generation sensor technology and gives four types of alarms:
* Fall detection
* Leaving the room
* Out of bed detection
* Too long in the bathroom

Sensara ProCare offers residents safety during the day and night while maintaining their independence, freedom and privacy (no cameras). With the possibility to have out of bed detection, nightly rounds are no longer needed so the residents can enjoy their night's rest. Care professionals can see, at a glance, the situation of the resident and can handle alerts themselves whenever help is needed. This gives more time for better quality of care.

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