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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


SMARTOWER by Pangea Products

SMARTOWER is a WiFi-connected smart tower fan. It has 3 speed levels and oscillates to keep cool air circulating around the room. SMARTOWER has 3 modes; Standard, Sleep and Nature. Nature mode simulates a summer`s breeze, with the speed alternating to keep the room feeling fresh. SMARTOWER also has a sleep timer to easily set it before bed without even opening the app.

SMARTOWER comes with an app! It`s really simple to pair your fan; it only needs to be done once. The app gives you full control of all the features mentioned above from anywhere with an internet connection plus additional functions such as scheduling, automation and the ability to link with other services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Scheduling allows you to programme the fan to turn on or off at any given time. Ever come home to find you`ve left the fan on all day? Why not schedule your fan to always turn off at 9:30 am Monday to Friday when you know you'll be at work.

Have your fan turn on to nature mode at sunrise or have the fan turn off if the temperature drops below 12*C, the possibilities are endless with the automation features built right into the app.

Voice Assistants
Once your fan is set up, just open the Alexa or Google Assistant app and link your account to be able to turn the fan on or off with a voice command to your phone or smart speaker. It`s that simple! We are also hoping to have IFTTT integration up and running by the time we ship in July although this is not yet guaranteed.

SMARTOWER is the first Pangea Product but hopefully not the last. We are passionate about developing products that bring value to our customers through ease of use, convenience and energy savings!

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