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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


Mighty Gadget - The UK tech blog that is educating consumers on smart home tech

Mighty Gadget has been a big advocate of smart home and home automation technology for years, well before the likes of Alexa and Google Home existed, and covers smart home news regularly.

Quite often, Mighty Gadjet reviews press samples of new products, or experience up and coming products at large tech events. The reviews look at how easy smart home tech is to use, its affordability and how systems compare with competing products. Their aim is to educate potential buyers about the best products on the market that also offer the best value for money.

Some of the highlights of smart home tech in the past include Samsung’s WW9000 washing machine, which was the first Wi-Fi enabled washing machine to the market back in 2014. While it was very expensive and not all that useful as a smart product, it provided great insight into the future of smart kitchens.

Mighty Gadget has covered Heat Genius several times in recent years, a UK based smart heating solution, and one of the first companies to offer zoned heating thanks to Z-Wave enabled radiator valves. While they don’t get as much press attention as the likes of Nest and Hive, they are well worth considering, especially for large houses with lots of radiators.

More recently, Mighty Gadget reviewed the updated Samsung SmartThings system, and so far this is the favourite Z-Wave home controller, as it offers excellent usability while also being quite affordable compared to other systems.  

Home security cameras are featured on the site regularly and something the team at Might Gadget are particularly big fans of. It is now easier than ever to implement some basic outdoor surveillance improving the security of your home.

For their own set up, Mighty Gadget uses a combination of wired POE CCTV cameras for 24/7 recording using Blue Iris, but then also combines this with more convenient solutions such as the Blink XT for motion alerts while away from home, and the excellent Ring Doorbell, so they get motion and doorbell alerts wherever wethey are. 


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