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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


Smart locks that work without WiFi

Locks have been the icon of safety for the longest of time. It only makes sense for us to have one on our doors, as it acts as a strong deterrent for burglary. However, many of us have asked ourselves these questions: Have I locked my door? Where are my keys?

This is where smart digital door locks come in handy. Gone are the days where we take the conventional road; convenience is king today. With that said, security should not be compromised and that’s why igloohome locks are the perfect solution to going keyless.

The slimmest smart deadbolt in the world, the new Deadbolt 2S measures at 11mm (less than 0.5inches) thickness for the front panel. It provides users convenient keyless access to their homes via Bluetooth keys and PIN codes. The Smart Padlock strikes the right balance between security and convenience, letting owners secure assets like bicycles, lockers, garages and more.

igloohome’s smart access solutions are managed via PIN codes or Bluetooth keys, even offline, allowing for property management anywhere in the world. Start and end times for PIN codes and Bluetooth keys can be customized, each time securing the property after use. Permanent PIN codes can also be created. This means you can let friends, petsitters, cleaners, family members in even when you’re not near your property.

Access logs are provided to master owners, so that the dates and times of visitor access can be tracked, for greater peace of mind.

Unlike many other bluetooth locks, igloohome’s does not require the guests to download an app or register for an account. They can simply receive a PIN code from the host via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or through other communication channels.

Airbnb hosts can integrate their calendars with these solutions for the automatic generation of PIN codes for guests. There’s no awkward key handovers if guests want to check-in at odd hours, the igloohome smart lock is your 24/7 reception.

There’s no need to fumble for keys or worry about misplacing them anymore. There’s also no need for troublesome replacements or duplications in the event of a lost key – simply change the PIN code!

There’s no doubt the popularity of smart locks is due to the convenience it brings. If fuss-free is what you’re looking for, then it’s time your locks got smart.




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