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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


Staggering Success at the Smart Home Expo & Naidex

Last month, the team from smart home distributor JDM products attended the Smart Home Expo at the NEC, which was connected to Naidex.

Steven May, UK Country Manager for JDM explained “We came to the show expecting to engage with a host of different potential customers, but were staggered to be able to talk in person to Naidex visitors who both wanted and needed our smart lock technology for their homes. Within the first hour at the show it was so rewarding to be able to share a product that could make a significant difference to a disabled person independence and control of who accesses their home and when.” 

The JDM team were exhibition the iglooHome range of smart locks, a range of just 4 different products that all work on the same smart phone app allowing users to control all of their locks form one single device. 

Starting with a modern spin on the traditional Keybox, May explains “Because the iglooHome products so not use wi-fi but use Bluetooth, we have been able to secure some very important partnerships, firstly with Airbnb, and AXA Home Insurance. This connection provides the best levels of security and, through the iglooHome app allows for some of the very best user focused features, especially for independent living. 

The iglooHome app enables the owner to independently manage the access their property with any of the locks for example with a Key Box, the iglooHome Keybox has a digital keypad on the front face. This means that the owner can issue key codes to people as they require but have total flexibility and control.


Issue a code to a family member where they can use their permanently to access the key box, this code can also be revoked at any time by the owner. 

Issue a code for a carer that is for every week day but time limited for example between 8am and 6pm. Issue a code for a trades person visiting on a specific day at a specific time right down to a single hour.

This total control and flexibility applies to all of the iglooHome product range so an external Mortice type lock or a deadbolt can be used and controlled in exactly the same way. 

May concluded “We were exceptionally pleased with the feedback and instant demand for the iglooHome range. There was universal delight at the simplicity of the technology that we have for disabled users. We want to make sure that everyone is aware of the solution and how it can be of significant benefit to every disabled and able bodied person that wants to maintain control, access and independence within their home.

The iglooHome range consists of a Smart Padlock £99, Smart Keybox £159, Smart Deadbolt £199 and Smart Mortice Lock £339. The Deadbolt and Mortice lock both have RF Tag opening and a traditional key solution alongside bluetooth and in app opening. 

The iglooHome range can be found on Amazon and is available for immediate delivery.