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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


Using Smart Home Technology for Your Garden

Smart home technology is usually considered for indoor spaces to enhance your daily life and home security. However, the evolution of ever-growing technologies has developed for garden and outdoor areas. With the use of an extender, you can boost your wifi-ranges to allow the use of smart technology outdoors.


Security cameras are far from a new innovation in the tech world, however they have been reinvented through built-in fixtures such outdoor lights, doorbells and battery powered cameras. Exciting creations such as the Netgear Arlo Go, Wyze Cam Pan and Logitech Circle 2, have all expanded the quality of security camera. Lots of new developments work over a mobile network and effectively supervise garden pests. 

Netgear Arlo Go, works with a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) a standard broadband communication, rather than wifi- which allows a consistent connection, something which cant always be guaranteed with Wifi. This is a particular important feature as it makes the Arlo a very reliable camera security system. 

The Logitech Circle 2, also has its benefits as its compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and comes with an array of smart home voice features.


Being moderately new, this year really offers a plethora of outdoor smart lighting options, such as Smart Flood lights, spot lights and path lighting.  An exciting cost-effective tool to make your existing bulbs smart, is just replacing the light switches with easy to install smart switches.

Philips have shared its plans for launching a range of outdoor colour-changing smart lights. They plan to create new products such as wall-mounted fixtures,spotlight and path-lighting option and weather-rated Philips Hue outdoor flood light bulb.Smart spotlights are more an aesthetic design to replicate in-door lighting systems but for alfresco dining areas.

The Kuna Smart home security light allows live HD video stream when a visitor is identified by a motion sensor- this allows you to not only see who's at the door all from your mobile phone, but is a form of communication with a in-built intercom. For added security there is also an alarm feature to scare away potential intruders.  


You can keep up to date with the weather with just at the touch of your smartphone, however smart weather is by far more advanced. Its customizable features such as tracking the wind and rain speeds, as well as temperatures all in your back garden. Whether your weather mad, or are interested in tracking seasonal changes for plant harvest.

For example, the Bloomsky: Sky2 captures HD quality images and compiles them into a time lapse video. It's sophisticated sensor is powered by solar panels and connects to other smart products.


There's no doubt that over recent years, there has been a dramatic increase of the use of home automation technology, due to  the impact of the digital revolution which has elevated the Smart Home industry. We are witnessing only the beggining, and exciting things lay ahead!