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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


Smart Meters: the Smarter Way to Track Your Energy Consumption

Smart Meters provide both businesses and households with a digital way to measure their gas and electricity readings. Serving as a replacement for existing non-smart gas and electricity meters, the new tech-enabled meters stand out from traditional devices by sending the collected data directly to the energy suppliers.

Whilst it is not compulsory to have smart meters yet, this is likely to become the norm in years to come. New government requirements have commissioned energy companies to install smart metres in businesses and homes, and by 2020 everyone in England, Scotland and Wales will have been offered a smart meter as a part of a significant update to Britain's energy infrastructure.

5 Reasons Everyone Should Have a Smart Meter

1. Better Insights and Monitoring

Smart meters can give far greater insights into consumption patterns, allowing users to monitor and improve their overall energy consumption. By making energy usage easier to understand, and knowing more about how much energy things use, users will be able to see when and where most energy is consumed, and make smarter decisions to save it.

2. Improved Energy Habits 

By raising awareness into energy usage, smart meters will encourage everyone in a household or business to adopt good energy habits. Users can set energy saving targets and even set an hourly rate that they’re happy with, and the in-home display will help them stick to it!

3. No More Manual Readings

One of the main advantages of a smart meter is that it will make manual readings become a thing of the past - a smart meter will register all the details of gas and electric usage and send them directly to the supplier. Yes, you read that right! This means no more need to remember to do it yourself.

4. Money Saving

Smart meters are designed to save businesses and households money. Greater monitoring and insights on energy usage will enable users to adjust their habits and lower their bills. What’s more, smart meters also allow energy companies to base bills on real consumption, as opposed to inaccurate estimations, meaning users can be confident they’re only paying for what has actually been used. 

5. Helping the Environment

Smart meters help use energy more wisely, meaning it’s not only cheaper for the user, but kinder to the planet. Given the ability to monitor energy consumption, users are likely to make energy-saving changes, meaning less power will need to be produced and, therefore, less emissions will be generated from this production. Additionally, smart meters will also reduce the consumption of resources and pollutants associated with utility services such as connections and meter readings!

Current Status of Smart Meter Providers

- British Gas 

British Gas are working with Smart Energy GB to ensure that by 2020 all of their customers will be able to have a smart meter installed. Customers can book their smart meter appointment or, if their home is not ready to take the technology yet, register their interest and be added to the waiting list to be kept up to date with when they can get it installed.


SSE has been installing smart meters since in phased regional rollout programme and will contact each customer when they become eligible for a smart meter. Customers can find out if they’re able to book an appointment to get one fitted here.

- E.ON

E.ON are now installing smart meters nationwide. Customers can register their interest and find out if they’re currently eligible to be offered one.

- EDF Energy

EDF Energy is installing smart meters and if customers are interested in getting one, they can also register their interest on the website and EDF Energyl be in touch when they’re installing in your area.

- ScottishPower

ScottishPower is installing smart meters as part of a wide rollout, and customers can log in to register their interest over on the company’s website.

- npower

npower has been offering and installing meters and customers are likely to have their smart meters offered and installed until the end of 2020. On the company’s website, customers can find out how to book their smart meter installation and join millions of other households.

- Shell Energy

Shell Energy are installing meters and are committed to make their customers be more savvy with their. On their website customers can login and register for one!


OVO has already installed 750,000 individual smart meters, and this number’s continuing to grow. Customers can book their free smart meter installation on their website.


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