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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


Voice Control Your Window Shades

Smart Shades offers Google Home users a way to integrate their existing window shades into their smart home experience.

It is a small retrofit window shade and blind automation motor that is easy to install and can automate different kinds of existing window treatments. It has a powerful motor and sleek design to fit every home. Google Assistant support offers voice controls and endless automation possibilities with Google Routines. You can create different routines, close window shades when you leave home, wake up with a sun or go on a vacation and make it look like you never left home.

How does it work?

Installing SOMA Smart Shades motor to your existing shades takes 3 minutes, absolutely no tools are required The automation kit comes with a USB charging cord and a solar panel that will ensure you never have to worry about charging.

With the Google Assistant, you no longer need to open up the app on your phone to control your blinds. Simply state “Hey Google” and tell your Google Assistant, to rise and lower your window coverings without pressing a button or using a smartphone!

SOMA Smart Shades also works with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit 

SOMA is the first window coverings automation company to support all three leading voice control platforms — Apple HomeKit with Siri, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant.

With the SOMA Smart Shades devices, customers now have the option to choose their preferred platform and device for controlling the window shades and blinds.

“Voice control is the easiest and most intuitive way to communicate with your smart home. Today users can open and close their window coverings and integrate Smart Shades to their smart home using dif erent routines in Google Assistant.”, said Raido Dsilna, Founder of SOMA Smart Home


SOMA Smart Shades and SOMA Connect Hub are available today from

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