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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


Pirsonal: Sponsor of Theatre 8

Panel Theatre Hall 8: Sponsored by Pirsonal

Please Note: The below schedule is from the Smart Home Expo 2019. The 2020 schedule will be released closer to the event.

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    • Tuesday

      11:00 - 11:30: AI: An insight into the future

      Artificial intelligence is coming - will you be ready for the impact on your business?

      Our experts discuss what the future will look like for the hospitality industry, and the changes you should be making now.

      12.00 - 12.30: Efficient energy solutions to transform your hotel

      Energy efficiency doesn't only relate to your profit margins; it's steadily becoming a key customer focus. Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear from the experts who are changing standards in the industry.

      14.00 - 14.30: Hotel connectivity: Get your head in the cloud

      The cloud has moved away from the exclusive domain of technology specialists and is fast becoming a necessary component in the hospitality industry. As consumers expect more and more connected experiences, useful implementation of cloud technology is no longer an option; it's a must.

      Get your cloud sorted, and the sky's the limit, so make sure you hear what these experts have to say.

      15:00 - 15:30: Revolutionising your hotel revenue strategy

      How can you increase your revenue? The question is simple but the answer is often a lot more challenging. So, why not let the experts mull this one over and offer their top tips on how you can get more bookings and boost your hotel revenue.