Digital Networking


Digital Networking

Creating Networking Opportunities

digital networkingWe know how important Smart Home for Assisted Living is for facilitating networking and our virtual event will be no different. The Virtual Event is a unique opportunity to create great lasting connections that can make a difference to your organisation.

Whether you are interacting through online seminar Q&A's, private chats after the seminar or in the exhibitor booths, the hub will provide a wealth of opportunities to extend your network and make valuable contacts.

Group or One-to-One Conversations

Our platform has been developed to make one-to-one and group conversations natural and engaging.  

Attend the Smart Home for Assisted Living Virtual Event however you like - watch talks, tune on to keynotes or attend interactive demos.

New Suppliers & Solutions

With a breadth of exhibitors present at our virtual event, why not browse our exhibitor list and plan who you'd like to connect with prior to the event to maximise your opportunities.


Flexible & Accessible

With over 70 live speaker sessions and many product demos, you have the power to network whilst watching the seminars, engage in a Q&A or have a private chat with our speakers afterwards.

Secure & Private

Our digital platforms built-in meeting system allows individual attendees or groups to communicate over secure video calls.

Simple & Easy

Our exhibitor booths ensure you can virtually visit any of our exhibitors privately to view their products and services. Then when you are ready engage in a conversation via the chat facility; request more info or join them live.