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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


Day 1 Connectivity LTD

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Day 1 Connectivity specialises in fast, reliable, secure Wi-Fi networks, offering the best infrastructure needed to ensure your Smart Homes stay Smart!
We offer our fully managed and unmanaged services across the whole of the UK, and our bespoke packages will ensure you peace of mind from Day 1.

We can offer a range of services from simply supplying an internet connection, all the way through to full turnkey solutions giving you internet, security and a fully managed Wi-Fi system with on-site or cloud controller complete with analytics.
Whichever options you wish to take are entirely upto you, as all our packages are bespoke!
What's more is that we only use enterprise grade products so that you can be 99.999% sure of up-time, instead of just 99%..... It makes a big difference! ( About 3.65 days of difference! )
Come and see us we will show you why!

Tel: 0203 995 5660

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