Smart Home For Assisted Living

9th - 10th March 2021
NEC, Birmingham

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Hot Water Control LTD

Stand: S212
Hot Water Control Ltd design and manufacture Aqualoop smart thermostats. Control your immersion heater with Aqualoop in place of a traditional wall switch and you'll always know how much hot water you have. Take control with you. Use the free Aqualoop smartphone app to control your home's hot water from anywhere. Seeing is believing. Touch the front surface and Aqualoop magically lights up to tell you how much hot water you have at a glance. Set and forget. Use the app to set as many timers as you want, and you'll always have just the right amount of hot water when you need it. Hassle-free. Aqualoop can be installed by an electrician in under an hour, without the need for additional wiring. Save energy and money. Knowing how much hot water you have at any moment means you only heat as much as you need to, saving you time and money. A simple approach for a simpler lifestyle. We believe that technology should make our lives simpler, not more complicated. That's why we designed Aqualoop be retrofitted into a wall switch and blend into the background of any home. Aqualoop is compatible with any electric immersion heater, and can be used with or without the smartphone app. No additional smart home hub is required to take advantage of its advanced features, only a wireless broadband connection to the internet.


10 Pnytagoras Str.
Flat 501
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