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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


Lithe Audio Limited

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This innovative ceiling speaker range include an Amazon Echo/Alexa voice service version, and an IP speaker for Bathrooms & Kitchens

Up-and-coming UK-based AV brand, Lithe Audio, announces new, updated models in its innovative Bluetooth ceiling speaker range, including a version that can that can be controlled via the Alexa voice service using devices like the Amazon Echo and also Google home voice control.

Other new features of the speakers include a volume-capping function which enables whoever is controlling the speakers to reduce the volume output by 50%. This is ideal for a kid`s bedroom if the parent wants to restrict the volume levels or for hotel rooms, to ensure that guests are not disturbed by over-loud beats from the neighbouring room. The updated models also have a new switch that, when used with a pair of speakers, enables users to easily switch between mono and stereo output.

At £199.99 for a single Bluetooth ceiling speaker or £269.99 for a pair, they`re also superb value for money. The IP44 waterproof version of the speaker, for use in bathrooms and kitchens, is £229.99.

Until now it hasn`t been easy to retrofit Bluetooth speakers in a ceiling without connecting to a separate amplifier or running cables through your walls. But Lithe Audio has launched a design that is completely different from anything else currently available in this sector. The innovative speakers are a fully integrated all-in-one solution. Simply connect power from your lighting circuit, pair any Bluetooth-enabled device and play your music. The high-performance speakers deliver superb sound quality with pin sharp clarity and are easy-to-install. An IP-rated version is also available - for safe use in bathrooms and kitchens.
The speaker `pair` are wireless via Bluetooth (the `Master` speaker is Bluetooth and the `Slave` is connected to the Master via speaker cable) so you can connect via your smartphone, tablet, TV or PC.

Designed by Lithe Audio`s team of specialist home electronic product designers, the frameless speakers only protrude 3mm from the ceiling, and have clever magnetic grille covers that can be removed easily for cleaning or for replacement with a different coloured finish. The grilles can also be painted to match your ceiling for a barely-there look.

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