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17 & 18 MARCH 2020


VELUX Company Ltd

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VELUX create better living environments for homes, businesses and public buildings using daylight and fresh air. A passion for daylight, fresh air and better living environments is what started our company more than 70 years ago and still drives us forward today.
At VELUX we have a passion for innovation and are driven by a desire to ensure users of our products get maximum benefit from them. VELUX have produced electric and solar operated roof windows, flat roof windows and blinds for decades but only recently launched VELUX ACTIVE, a product which provides smart control and automated operation of our electric and solar products.
The benefits of daylight are realised as soon as VELUX roof windows are installed but the benefits of a well-ventilated space are not realised until the user acts - opening the window regularly to air out is essential but often overlooked. VELUX ACTIVE takes away the need to act, it automatically regulates the indoor environment by airing out in response to changing humidity, temperature and CO2 levels. It will also air out 3 times daily when the windows have not reacted to temperature, CO2 or humidity to ensure good air quality is maintained. VELUX ACTIVE is also proactive, and will take action based on information such as external weather forecasts - so operation may be limited on a particularly windy day or blinds and awnings may be closed to prevent heat build-up on days where it is forecast to be particularly warm.
Millions of homeowners in the UK can benefit from VELUX ACTIVE. The only requirement is that you already have a VELUX roof window and WiFi. Even manually operated roof windows can be converted to electric or solar operation with a DIY motor giving the user the opportunity to upgrade to VELUX ACTIVE.

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