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15th - 16th September 2021
NEC, Birmingham

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News & Press Releases

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  • Wind the clock back 100 years. You are in a dark room, hidden from the dining and living areas of the house. It is a place for really hard, labour intensive work. Believe it or not, you are in the kitchen. In a relatively short period of time the design and purpose of the kitchen has dramatically evolved more than any other household space. It is a journey of milestones reflecting changes in society, technology, design, politics and many other fascinating influences. Have a read at the full article here and get an insight into what the future kitchen experience will look like. 

  • What is it about old hot water cylinders that conjures up fond memories of a looming, groaning, bulbus creature with its makeshift winter jacket? The fact is, despite their rudimentary appearance, these comedically dressed cylinders were an indispensable feature of our homes...