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9 & 10 NOV 2020


IQRF Alliance

The IQRF Alliance is an open international community of IoT professionals (developers, manufacturers, cloud providers, telco operators, system integrators, research and innovation centres, technical high schools and universities) with the mission to deliver #1 wireless IoT devices and solutions based on the IQRF wireless technology. Companies that are members of the IQRF Alliance joined together to make their devices interoperable, reduce costs and increase sales. Together we are stronger! The IQRF Alliance with its members is building up an ecosystem of IQRF-interoperable devices and related gateways, software, clouds etc. as well as members can contribute to IQRF Interoperability Standard. Being a member means that you can meet other members at events organized by the IQRF Alliance, find a customer for your product or service, get feedback on your ideas and plans, purchase ready products to avoid unnecessary development costs or sell your products to other members.

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