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9 & 10 NOV 2020


Emmanuel François: Speaking at the Smart Home Expo

Emmanuel François

Smart Buildings Alliance

R2S: The Digital Trust Framework of any Smart Building & Smart Home

Because the value of a building will be more and more related to the quality and variety of the services it can afford, the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA) which groups more than 700 members worldwide has finalized the R2S Reference Framework which defines the level of connectivity and interoperability of a building. It describes the level of interoperability of any equipment and interfaces, the connectivity of the digital infrastructure, the communication’s characteristic of the network infrastructure, the digital security of the building, the process for a sustainable management and the potential services.

R2S is becoming an open international standard promoted by Key Players of Smart Building and Smart Home. As the deployment of digital in any building becomes an emergency to meet current challenges of society, R2S has the vocation to support this major transition.

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